When Doves Fly
Lily Wright flees her cruel husband for the promise of freedom and
opportunity in Colorado, but brutality and vice lurk in the remote
Rocky Mountains of the 1870s.

In a time when men control every woman’s destiny, Lily craves
independence. Taking advantage of a gold rush, she settles in a
boomtown and opens a dry goods catering to the miners, outlaws, and
fallen women. She builds a new life and forms bonds that
banish the ghosts of her past.

Lily soon discovers the Wild West is a fool’s paradise.
The false-fronted saloons and shops cloak a world of addiction
and violence. When she stands her ground, jealousy, injustice, and greed
exact their dues in ways a lady couldn’t imagine.

Independence has a price.
It will cost Lily her sanity and her life, unless she finds
the strength and courage to make her own destiny.
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What Readers Say:

FIVE STARS: Great Book!
The author does a great job showing the darker sides of the old west, especially for women. I loved Lily. She is tough, but not without her times of doubt and fear. In
a world where women don't have many choices in life, she struggles and defies those roles to get what she wants. Also, the author writes the time period well, using it
to set the tone and atmosphere without bogging the story down with unneeded details. Great book, and one I've added to my read again pile. - Amazon Review

FIVE STARS: A Great Read
When Doves Fly is an interesting book of unforeseen twists and turns to keep you wanting more. It's about a strong woman in the old west, surviving in a man's
world. Great reading. - Amazon Review

FIVE STARS: Excellent Storytelling
A page turner that keeps you rooting for the heroine the whole way through. There must have been an awful lot of research put into the development of this book,
because it immerses the reader fully into the old west. Not a chapter passes where you feel the plot slowing down. This is one of those books you finish feeling bereft
that the journey is over, and find your thoughts returning to characters who have become real. I look forward to read it again. - Amazon Review

FIVE STARS: Timeless and Fresh
Don't be afraid when you read all the reviews on here talking about all the research the author must have done. This book doesn't read like the author did research,
it reads like you're there. Lily is a heroine you will root for. Her story one that is both timeless and fresh. - Amazon Review

FIVE STARS: Excellent writing and character development
Excellent writing and character development. An ACTUAL strong heroine, rather than your carbon-copy man-in-a-skirt type, in a fascinating and well-researched
historical setting. Definitely a buy. - Amazon Review

FOUR STARS: Well-written, realistic historical fiction
I love well-researched and realistic historical fiction, portraying the world as it would have been and the people as they were. I particularly love well-written historical
fiction that tells the story of women, and that pulls no punches. That’s certainly what you get with this novel.
At first, I have to admit I was a little wary. I was worried that Lily was going to be one of those historical women that I hate - the type that people describe as ‘feisty’,
who manage to live lives that are completely unrealistic and who emerge from life-changing, catastrophic events unscathed, having snared the handsome hero, won
battles single-handed, carved out an independent existence, made their voice heard etc. etc. etc.
But this book doesn’t shy away from the realities of life for women, particularly women alone, in the wild west of the nineteenth century. This is not a light romantic
historical - this is gritty, realistic, hard-hitting and at times hard to read. There are no easy solutions for Lily, no fairy-tale rescues. She fights for herself, she has to
rely on herself, but she fails as well as succeeds, she suffers, she’s frightened at times, she messes up. In short, Lauren Gregory tells the truth, and tells it well. Life for
Lily in the boom town of Clear Springs is hard - she makes enemies as well as friends, and those relationships have dreadful consequences.
I do feel that the early parts of Lily’s story are rather glossed over, not given enough detail. I would have liked to have got to know her better, to have understood her
motivations more clearly. More time spent on this would have added a depth to Lily’s character and would have made me feel more invested in her story. Aside from
this though, the writing is well-crafted, the sense of time and place extremely well-executed, and the story line is gripping, dramatic and involving. A very good read
indeed - I look forward to reading more from Lauren Gregory. - Amazon Review

FOUR STARS: A determined woman in the Wild West
Here is a book which takes us back to the Wild West we used to see in old movies, where men are tough and uncouth and women are there for their pleasure. Into
this setting comes Lily Wright, running away from abuse and tragedy, looking for a new life in a boomtown during the gold rush in Colorado. Intending to open a
dry goods store, her plans are in disarray after she loses her money and belongings. Without any assistance she struggles to make a living despite the fates being
against her.
Lily is an insecure but brave and determined woman, with whom the reader becomes intimately involved. She learns a valuable lesson from Alice Durand, a wizened
old woman whose life story could make another book! We experience Lily’s suffering in intense detail and cannot help wishing that her knight in shining armour
will appear. However, Lily must make her own destiny.
The hypocritical residents of the ironically named Clear Springs include evil villains, honourable citizens and a hoard of dysfunctional individuals trying to make a
fortune. It’s the perfect setting for life-changing drama. This could have made the story too predictable but this is far from the case. Lauren Gregory’s characters are
real and vibrant. They come with back stories which give them substance and their actions make for a dramatic plot. There are the seeds of a saga in this novel. -
Amazon Review

"I lost a solid hour of work yesterday because I was reading When Doves Fly - I love your story...."
L. Blasshingham, beta reader

"When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory has all the color, action, and erudite research of a first class western, but with a story conscientious enough to transcend any
genre cliche. If you like the nineteenth century American west, strong women, or an intriguing plot that builds throughout, you would find this an excellent read.
This is the best story I will read this summer!"
Jackson Ahern, author and beta reader
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When Doves Fly